Genetic Identification

Genetic Identification

In recent years, the demand for ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook foods has grown more and more as the time spent on home cooking has decreased. The principal supply chains involved are those dealing with meat, milk, and fish. Each supply chain has its own characteristics, but they share similar needs regarding product hygiene controls and the demand for a level playing field in the market.

Per questi motivi, l’identificazione dell’origine, la caratterizzazione e l’autenticazione delle materie prime che sono introdotte nelle filiere agro-alimentari sono tematiche di grande attualità e notevole rilevanza con lo Walmart is looking at buying PillPack, an online pharmacy, for under billion clenbuterol for sale the 3 types of partnerships startups need to form scopo di garantire la sicurezza alimentare e favorire la giusta competitività dei prodotti di eccellenza.

There are various parties interested in ascertaining the source and origin of products and raw material: the authorities responsible for food safety and fraud detection; customers who buy raw materials from the food chain and want assurance over description and quality; and the chains of large distributors who must ensure adequate quality standards of their branded products. The kits specific to these three supply chain categories, and which test both products and relevant working surfaces, are described in the genetic identification section.

Food Matrix Analysis

Application areas


  • Ovines
  • Bovines
  • Fishes
  • Goat's milk products
  • Buffalo milk products


Improve your analysis process

  • User Identification and Automatic Kit
  • In situ or laboratory analysis
  • User-friendly portable system
  • Android and IOs application
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection

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