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Kit Description

Kit specifico per il rilevamento qualitativo, rapido e specifico di Sardinella Alaccia (Sardinella aurita) in matrici alimentari di prodotti ittici e delle superfici di lavoro

Specific kit for the qualitative, rapid, and targeted detection of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) in food products and work surfaces.

Except for fresh fish, where the catch remains intact and therefore recognizable, all the characteristics that identify the fish are lost during processing.

Several DNA identification kits have been developed for testing within the fish supply chain, for GDO compliance and for gene traceability, with a view to ensuring the conformity of raw materials, semi processed products and finished products and, in addition, for the hygiene control of work surfaces.

*Patent licence nos. WO 00/28082, WO 01/34790, WO 01/77317, WO 02/24902, WO 01/34838 **Industrial patent no. 0001425753 del 09.11.2016

The kit comprises


For rapid DNA extraction and specific gene amplification with LAMP (LOOP-mediated isothermal amplification) technology; **

Badge (RFID)

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology that contains all the information pertinent to the kit, including the batch number and expiration date**

Tablet with ICGENE App

Con esito in tempo reale della ricerca di Sardinella Alaccia nei campioni analizzati.


Automatic interpretation of results

Il sistema permette l’nterpretazione automatica dei risultati, visualizzazione in  tempo reale e disponibilità online. Le scurve sigmoidi in corrispondenza dei campioni positivi (+) indicano la presenza di sSardinella Alaccias. Le srette indicano che i campioni analizzati sono negativi (o) per sSardinella Alaccias.


  • Reagents are included and ready to use
  • Rapid DNA extraction in minutes at controlled temperatures
  • LAMP Technology
  • Tablet with App included to allow results to be read directly
  • Customized solutions for laboratories


  • Portable system design for testing in the field
  • Portable at room temperature
  • Conservation of reagents at between +2° e +8° C
  • Results in maximum 60'
  • Reduction of cross-contamination

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