ICGENE is a new system for in situ genetic analysis, able to perform molecular analysis with LAMP technology that allows the execution of the tests by non-specialized personnel and can be performed outside of molecular biology laboratories.

LAMP technology allows rapid amplification of DNA at constant temperature using small quantities of sample.

Thanks to its characteristics it allows to perform genetic test directly on site and without the use of sophisticated laboratory instruments.

The ICGENE product line is composed of a portable instrument and a set of kits developed for specific applications.

The kit foresees a rapid preliminary nucleic acid extraction from the sample, genetic amplification per test using LAMP technology, detection of the fluorescence emitted from the sample and automatic interpretation of the final result using the device ICGENE mini.

device features

  • Device that performs 3 steps necessary for genetic testing (nucleic acid extraction, gene amplification and detection and interpretation of results)
  • User interface through a custom android app
  • Automatic interpretation of results
  • Automatic detection of the kit through contactless badge
  • Integrated experiments browser
  • Ready to securely synchronize to a remote server via Internet
  • Compact instrument with a modern and innovative design

plant analyses applications

Ready-to-use kits that include all reagents necessary for the rapid detection of main plant pathogens, particularly those in quarantine, with the possibility of performing the analysis directly on the field on various types of plants.


  • Xylella fastidiosa
  • Erwinia amylovora


  • Flavescence doree
  • Bois noir


  • Citrus tristeza virus (CTV)
  • Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus (ToLCNDV)


  • Guignardia citricarpa


  • Popillia japonica
  • Anoplophora chinensis
  • Aromia bungii

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